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The special feature of Wa (in comparison to other cities in Ghana) is in my view, the remoteness of the city and the region - thanks (?) to the poor infrastructure. Particularly noteworthy in this context, is the "white spot" character of the region for foreign visitors.
Great, then we do not have the rip-off mentality that some locals in some regions of the world display... enjoy. 
It is worth mentioning the relative proximity of Wa to top tourist attractions such as Mole National Park or Bobo Dioulasso (Bobo).
The question arises: What are the negative effects thereof (the seclusion)?
The isolation brings the usual drawbacks, such as high food costs for western food, little selection of western food (and restaurants), relatively long journeys from international airports (Accra, Ouagdougou) and the population often has no wide horizon...e.g. the level of school education, the
press and the number of television stations (apart from Wa EcoLiving Africa) are far below Western standards.
Anyway, life in the Upper West Region is without mental preparation nothing for spoiled "Big City People". Well all right, otherwise the section would not be called "Adventure".
The following sub-sections give a brief overview of Wa and describe some of the attractions near by:
  1. Wa and Shea Butter
  2. Mole National Park and Game Reserve Gbele
  3. Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary
  4. Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso 

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mole  sundowner